Car Shipping


One of the areas of work in which we specialize is that of transporting vehicles. Using the technology which we have developed, we are able to load 4 – 6 cars into a 40′ HC container. In that way you will save money and raise your competitiveness. The containers loaded with cars are shipped from our Hamburg warehouse to all countries. We likewise offer this service at all cities and ports in the USA.
We further provide a RoRo service world-wide.

One-stop services

We provide an all-round service, from the consignor’s (car dealer’s) business to the destination.
This includes not just packing the vehicle expertly in containers, but also associated customs handling and production of all documents.


Using our car transporters, we operate across the whole of Europe and in other EU countries, i.e. we carry shipments of 1 to 9 vehicles from and to Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg (BENELUX), Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Great Britain and Ireland.

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